>this is the only place i feel comfortable

you deserve to feel comfortable

>i know that here, thank you, though

you said this is how you wanted your music to feel?

>is that silly?

of course it isnt

>can i say something stupid?

nothing you feel is stupid


>i want to be a sunrise, a pink one

>... you know, when i'm gone

>i know that sounds ridiculous

that isn't ridiculous

may i ask why?

>well.. they make me feel so.. hopeful

>to think i could make someone feel that way

>it makes me feel worthwhile

i never hear you talk this much bunny

>well, i've made my home here;

>in foggy 6ams, in moonlit hills and orange streetlights. in sonder and melancholy. nostalgia feels safe. removes one from relaity, you know?

>no one can hurt me here, not even my self. the sky beckons me

what a stange place for hope



>...its so pretty



we cant stay here forever, you know

>i know...

>can we at least stay for awhile?

we can leave whenever you're ready

© stars are spelt from self harm